As part of the Assistant and Associate Training Programme for Healthcare Science there are now 2 qualifications available – Level 2 and Level 4 Pearsons Certificates.

Currently there are a number of NHS Foundation Trusts that are approved by Pearsons to deliver health qualifications. Download the list of approved centres. These centres meet the approval of Pearsons to deliver the new Healthcare Science qualification and Pearsons welcome all applications from them.

Download ‘Request for Centres’ information, aimed at such centres and directs interested Trusts to the approval application form.

Further information is available at Pearsons website.

This is a great opportunity to develop and progress associates and assistants who are new to roles in Healthcare Science, or for those who are aiming for a career in Healthcare Science, particularly in the following areas:

Biological (Life) Sciences
Physiological Sciences
Physics and Bioengineering Specialisms

New Qualifications in Healthcare Science – Level 2 and 4 Pearsons Certificates