The North West Healthcare Science Trainee Network Board have produced a PTP Welcome Pack  and STP Welcome Pack for all trainees and training managers. The network was established to develop the trainee arm of the North West Healthcare Science Network. Trainees in the North West automatically become members, granting access to free events, resources and support.

Each welcome pack outlines crucial information on:

  • The North West Trainee Network Board; who they are and how they can help trainees
  • A jargon buster to get you familiar with the acronyms you’ll come across
  • FAQs and tips for navigating your portfolio and assessments
  • Survival tips from existing trainees
  • Your rights, roles and responsibilities as a trainee on placement
  • How to get involved with schools, science festivals, engaging the general public or representing trainees in your own specialism
  • Useful contacts and links
  • Upcoming events
Welcome Packs for PTP and STP Trainees – NW Healthcare Science Trainees Network Board