On the 9th January 2020, we welcomed over 40 trainees, academic and workplace supervisors from Cohort 3 of HSST to a day of workshops and sessions held in Manchester.

The event (agenda can be found here) began with a talk on information for trainees on how to write their research project and Viva hints and tips – delivered by Prof Julia Handley. Dr Angela Davies gave a talk to the trainees on ‘Writing a research paper’ whilst Prof. Anne White (MAHSE Deputy Director for HSST and UoM HSST Academic Director).  provided academic supervisors and workplace supervisors with information on ‘The role of the supervisors in the thesis examination process’.

After lunch, round-table discussions with programme directors provide the space for trainees to discuss their research project.

Recordings and presentations from the day are provided below. Please note that the content of the below presentations and recordings is subject to change, any updates will be posted on the MAHSE website.

For all trainees:

Due to technical difficulties no recording was provided for Prof Julia Handley’s session. The recording for the remaining talks can be found here.

  • Writing your thesis and Viva hints and tips presentation – Prof Julia Handley
  • Writing a research paper presentation – Dr Angela Davies
  • The role of the supervisors in the thesis examination process presentation – Prof Anne White

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Cohorts 3 (Year 4) DClinSci Section C Workshop – 9th January 2020