A message to all University of Manchester HSST trainees regarding impact of Covid-19 to your programme.

Dear Trainees,

Further to communication sent to you on Friday, we are contacting you again, given the rapidly developing situation with COVID-19, as we understand that many of you may be required to cover additional clinical work. In the coming weeks, we will be considering the many issues that will arise from the need to provide this additional service, and the impact this has had on DClinSci trainees. We recognise that this will affect your research, teaching and assessments but will mitigate for this as appropriate when the scale of the current situation becomes clearer.  All deadlines will be temporarily waived and will be addressed once the situation is resolved. Your programme administrators will communicate with you regarding these.

Please be reassured that we will work with the NSHCS to ensure you are not disadvantaged and mitigating will be applied as required. Your individual pathway administrator will be in touch to confirm any cancelled teaching, or changes to assessment deadlines shortly.

In order for us to work closely with you to ensure that all training is undertaken as required please keep us informed of advice you receive from your Trust.

UoM staff have been informed that we should work from home from 9am on the 18 March until further notice. We will be available on email to answer all queries and provide advice on your programme.  For Physical Science trainees doing Section C research projects, you should be aware that the majority of academic supervision is done by colleagues at The Christie and this will impact on your work. Again, as above please be reassured that this will be mitigated against in due course.

Below is a link to advice from NSHCS.


Best Wishes,

Doctoral Academy


MAHSE advise all trainees to continuously check the National School of Healthcare Scientists Coronavirus page to keep updated on key information as it becomes available along with specific guidance provided by your University; University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan University.


University of Manchester Coronavirus Information: https://www.manchester.ac.uk/coronavirus

Manchester Metropolitan University Coronavirus Information: https://www2.mmu.ac.uk/student-life/news/story/?id=11757

All programme leads and administrators will be available on email to answer all queries and provide advice on your programme. For any further queries or concerns, please contact admin@mahse.co.uk

Covid-19: Information for University of Manchester HSST Trainees