The AHCS (Academy for Healthcare Science) has expanded numbers in the first wave of equivalence process due to demand.

The equivalance process allows the most senior clinical scientists to achieve formal recognition for their skills and experience. The pilot currently covers a limited number of specialisms.

You can find out more about the Early Implementers phase, the standards and preparation for full roll out of HSS equivalence in Spring 2016 here.

All applications for equivalence are made against the AHCS Standards of Proficiency (Sop) for HSSR, regardless of the specialism or role.

The Applicants Guide covers:

  • what documentation to provide.
  • preparing your portfolio.
  • example evidence, including an example mapping template.
  • details of the way in which assessments are made.

To achieve equivalence, applicants must provide a portfolio of quality evidence that has comprehensively mapped againt each of the 16 standards (and substandards) of the AHCS HSSR Standards of Proficiency.





HSST Equivalence – Early Implementers Programme