MAHSE have been awarded funding from Health Education England (North West) to develop and expand research and innovation (R&I) within the healthcare science community. The project is being delivered in four phases as outlined below:

Diagram of Project Phases

Phases 1 and 2

The first phase of the project was completed by TRUSTECH and their findings have been summarised in the downloadable Research and Innovation report. The results of the survey have been collated in a searchable database to enable MAHSE to identify centres of excellence and R&I champions who could support the implementation of the project.

MAHSE and TRUSTECH jointly hosted a webinar on 17th November 2015 to provide information about the findings which healthcare scientists were invited to attend. Fiona Carragher, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England, also joined the webinar and gave a short introduction to highlight the work being done in this area at a national level.

You can watch the webinar below.

Phase 3

In the next phase of the project, MAHSE hosted a workshop on 24 February 2016 involving key stakeholders to begin to develop a strategy as well as identify the key objectives and priorities. A range of stakeholders attended the workshop and MAHSE would like to thank them all for their involvement.  All of the comments and suggestions that were raised at the workshop are now available to view in our summary document.  MAHSE then held additional stakeholder meetings to gain further information about the needs of the healthcare science workforce in the North West.

Phase 4

Having listened to the feedback from all key stakeholders, MAHSE is now in the process of implementing three core projects which are detailed in the following sections:

Understanding innovation in the healthcare sciences MOOC

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will explain the process of innovation using improvement science methods, helping Healthcare Scientists to identify how they can contribute to innovation and understand their role in driving innovation in healthcare science. Although the MOOC will be primarily aimed at practicing healthcare scientists it will also have the advantages of reaching a global audience of healthcare professionals.

Service Improvement and Innovation Fellowships

MAHSE will provide funding to support innovation and service improvement projects within the NHS in the northwest of England. The funding is aimed at developing individuals who are working as healthcare science assistants, associates, practitioners and early career healthcare scientists.  The fellowships will be available to any healthcare science discipline and applications must demonstrate how the project will develop skills and experience in research and innovation.

Research and Innovation Online Portal

The MAHSE Research and Innovation Online Portal will be hosted as a subdomain of the MAHSE website and will be designed around the concept of a Service Improvement and Innovation Roadmap which will take the healthcare scientist through each phase of the process towards making a service improvement or developing an innovation (including the type of skills needed at every stage).  Content on the roadmap will also link out to useful resources provided by MAHSE stakeholders.  The portal will encourage visitors to register to access the material in order to build up a network of those engaged or interested in research and innovation activity.