Louise Ayers, Head of Programme Support at the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS), has written a blogpost to encourage trainees and training officers to talk to the NSHCS when having problems. It includes advice on when trainees and training officers should reach out for support and ways in which the NSHCS can help, such as: with health and wellbeing, changes to training, transfers of training, training delivery issues, completion of programmes, statutory leave, part-time training, progression issues, conduct/capability concerns and personal relationship issues.

In the blogpost, you will also find a brief history of the NSHCS and an outline of their purpose. Further to this, there is a myth busting section to help dispel myths and rumours that the NSHCS have come across from time to time.

In the next blog the NSHCS will be outlining all of the activities they are undertaking to expand their support.

MAHSE and the Universities work hard with the NSHCS to ensure that trainees have support for all of their programme. Although our focus is on the academic section of the programme, we work with the NSHCS to ensure that trainees have joined-up support where it is needed.

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