Two of our MAHSE Lay Representatives, Maggie Stubbs and Manoj Mistry, have won an award at our Annual PPIE (Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement) award celebration for the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health 2023. Both winners were recognised for their Exceptional Service. Maggie and Manoj have both worked with the MAHSE programmes since 2014. As founding MAHSE Lay Representatives, the also worked with their fellow lay reps to develop the MAHSE Patient Forum from an admin/academic led Forum to a Public Contributor led Forum.

Manoj was elected as one of two lead lay representatives in 2015 and he helped us write the draft for the MAHSE Guiding Principles ahead of it being circulated to the Forum.  Manoj has continued to embrace his role, representing the Forum at wider meetings and ensuring that we are listening to the Patient/Public voice.

Maggie was the Public Contributor lead on a project that the University of Manchester undertook with Newcastle University in 2014-15. The report created from the project is still used by the National School of Healthcare Science to aid Universities in ensuring that PPIE is a key part of the programmes (link including in supporting evidence).

In 2016 the Patient Forum looked at succession planning. At this point the Lay Representatives had a discussion around term length and how we ensured that the work that was done on the programmes continued to grow and develop. It was decided that terms should be 3 years in length with an option at the end of the initial term to stay on for a further 3 years. Due to COVID Maggie and Manoj both kindly continued to contribute to their programmes and MAHSE their second term, and we’re very sad to see their terms come to an end in July 2023.

Thank you both for all of your commitment to MAHSE, and congratulations on your awards!

Two MAHSE Lay Representatives win Exceptional Service Award