MAHSE healthcare Research and Innovation (R&I) scoping project

TRUSTECH has recently carried out a scoping exercise on behalf of Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education (MAHSE) to understand the levels of research and innovation (R&I) activity in the North West region.

MAHSE have been commissioned by Health Education North West to develop and expand R&I within the healthcare science community, which they intend to do so through a secondment programme. They enlisted TRUSTECH’s assistance as the innovation experts for the NHS in the North West.

The first phase of the project was to conduct a survey to:

  • Identify current R&I projects,
  • Understand how R&I is developing,
  • Identify current centres of excellence,
  • Develop relationships with R&I champions.

The survey was co-ordinated by TRUSTECH on behalf of MAHSE between February and March 2015.

Utilising its extensive list of NHS and external contacts, TRUSTECH received 82 completed responses from individuals working in healthcare scientist roles. The responses were spread across the region, with the majority being based in Greater Manchester (61%), followed by Cheshire and Merseyside (33%) and Cumbria and Lancashire (6%).

TRUSTECH also carried out a number of face-to-face and telephone interviews to gain a more in-depth insight from key individuals/leaders.

A full outline of the project, results of the survey and recommendations are now available here: Research and Innovation report.

Further details about the overall project are available on the MAHSE website

R&I secondment programme

The report provides MAHSE with an up-to-date picture of R&I activity in the healthcare sector, allowing them to identify fundamental elements required for a successful secondment programme.

MAHSE and TRUSTECH are jointly hosting a webinar to provide information about these findings and are inviting healthcare scientists to attend.

The webinar also aims to elicit input from healthcare scientists about the secondment programme’s development. Healthcare Scientists who join us will have the opportunity to ask questions about the survey or the secondment programme and also register their interest to participate further in the near future.

With the webinar, we also aim to engage with healthcare scientists outside of the North West as another key aim for this project is to encourage the whole of the UK to think about healthcare research and provide opportunities to work together to develop an effective national workforce. So please do share details of the webinar with your friends and colleagues in other areas.

We will be joined by Fiona Carragher, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England, who will provide a short introduction and highlight the work being done in this area at a national level.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 17th November 2015 at 1pm and will last for approximately 30 minutes. Please register by visiting:

MAHSE healthcare R&I scoping project