The Manchester Academy for Healthcare Scientist Education (MAHSE) welcomed the new cohort of Scientist Training Programme trainees for 2014/15 at the induction day on Monday 6 October 2014.  The event gave the 110 attendees the opportunity to network with fellow trainees from other disciplines, gain an overview of their programme and hear about patient/public involvement from one of our lay representatives.

A summary of the talks and key information from the event is provided below:

Professional practice

The introductory session on the Professional Practice unit provided an overview of how the course is structured and how assessment will take place.  Useful resources were highlighted for understanding the wider context of a Healthcare Scientist’s role, including the Modernising Scientific Careers Curricula, a short video guide from the King’s Fund on the structure of the NHS, and the NHS Constitution.

Key university information

Key information and tips about library research and resources, including remote access, were provided by Sam Ashton, Teaching and Learning Librarian at Manchester University.  Her presentation is available here for information on the relevant web pages where support can be found.

Professional development activities

A key aim of the event was to share information on broader activities that trainees can get involved in to enhance their professional development (and CVs!)  Here’s a summary of some of the opportunities that were promoted on the day.

  • Write an article for this blog – we are looking for students to share their knowledge and experiences; share how to maintain a work/life balance; or write about their research.  Check out this article for some tips on how to write a good blog article, and then send it to us at
  • Become a STEM ambassador – get involved in careers talks, demonstrations and mentoring to encourage young people’s awareness of opportunities in STEM subjects.  Register online at or contact / 0161 606 0138 for more information.
  • NW Healthcare Science Trainee Network Board represents trainees across all stages of training, specialisms and trusts.  Any student attending courses at a Manchester university is welcome to be involved in their events, regardless of the location of the NHS trust they work in.  The North West is the only area of the country to currently have a board specifically representing trainees, so this is something students may want to try and set up in their areas of the country.

If there was any information covered at induction that you need to find, or have questions about, feel free to contact

MAHSE Induction Day (6 Oct 2014)
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