On Thursday 28th January 2020, HSST trainees from Cohorts 4 and 5 attended a project proposal masterclass in Manchester.  The event (agenda can be found here) began with lunch and networking for trainees to meet with their university programme teams. All trainees then attended a talk on how to plan their research project which was delivered by Prof. Anne White (MAHSE Deputy Director for HSST and UoM HSST Academic Director). Dr. Rebecca Dearman (UoM Life Sciences Programme Director) provided trainees with information on ‘Ethics Application’ followed by Prof Andy Brass providing information on ‘Who owns Intellectual Property.’

Recordings and presentations from the day are provided below. Please note that the content of the below presentations and recordings is subject to change, any updates will be posted on the MAHSE website.

For all trainees:

Recording of all morning talks

  • Planning a Research Project presentation – Prof Anne White
  • Ethics Application presentation – Dr Rebecca Dearman
  • Who owns the Intellectual Property presentation – Prof Andy Brass

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Section C Project Proposal Masterclass for HSST Cohort 5 – 28 January 2020